A high, dark void

How comforting it is that the stars still exist! Still! And in a high, dark void, unmoved. How comforting – is it ok to want to be comforted? – to know that only 50 miles up all noise becomes silence and by the time you get to Mars, the Earth is just a bright star.

If all life on Earth was wiped out, it would go on elsewhere without pause, would in fact probably creep back out of this planet’s pores and start the whole mess all over again. Even if the Earth disappeared, sure maybe the moon would be at a loss, but there wouldn’t be much more effect to our cosmic neighborhood than a slight shifting around of gravity. And how wonderful to think of our rovers on Mars blinking back radio signals at the empty space they came from!

How comforting to think you could be the destruction of every living thing you have ever heard of, and the rest of the universe will go on unperturbed!

Did you know you can watch a live streaming video from the International Space Station? While all this madness has been going on down here below, I’ve been thinking about those astronauts up there in space, working together, doing science. How do they feel about having to come home again?

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